The Board 2020-2021


Dear members of Agora Club Worldwide,

In Marrakech, at the Annual General Meeting of ACI I started my presidential year.Leading and promoting our beautiful organization will be my main function. At first sight maybe a daunting task but I am not doing this on my own.

I can rely on an amazing and a  really global board. Together with Anne Tabone,Immediate Past President from AC Malta but living in the Philippines ,Chilufya Mwanakatwe from AC Zambia, Int. Vice President, Mihaela Crâcâna from AC România, Int Secretary, Vandana Deodhar from AC Seattle, Int Treasurer and Tone Skretting, from AC Norway weblady ( not an official function but very well appreciated).

I am very happy that these wonderful ladies are so courageous to walk this journey with me.

My motto this year is:

My family and I have a very strong connection with our garden and everything that grows in it.

And just like in gardening we can see GROW as a challenge!

In all seriousness, have you ever planted something in your garden and then could not wait for it to grow? I know I certainly have and I have the same feeling now. I am impatient to see our Agora Club GROW in all aspects.

  • Grow not only in number of clubs but also grow in service, in friends and in maturity
  • Grow from friendship to commitment.
  • Grow in Agora life: start local, go national and international.
  • Grow in our Round Table Family.
  • Grow in new continents. Asia is the next new continent in ACI.
  • Grow in new countries: Nepal will be chartered the 4th of march and Russia, Cyprus, Greece and Kenia are in the pipeline.
  • Grow in the exposure of our Agora Club.
  • Grow in our international project , Palesa pads in South Africa.

I hope you can accept this challenge ?

A very personal touch in my logo is a pepper ( spicy or not spicy)

Over the years me and my husband have developed a spicy fundraising activity. We sow the seeds ……………we grow the plants…………and sell them for charity…………

And my advice to you all is : spice up your life

  • With planting smiles
  • Growing laughter
  • And harvest friendship

Thank you Conference Team of AC Morocco to organize  our 23 rd Agora International Conference. You achieved to welcome more than 450 participants of 20 countries! Congratulations!


Our countdown has started for ACI in The Hague, The Netherlands, Let’s go Royal Dutch!!

The board 2019 - 2020



Chris Helsen

AC Belgium


Phone: +32 8984 3898

Mobile: +32 476 221284





Mihaela Cracana

AC Romania


Mobile: +




Past President


Anna Tabone

AC Malta


Phone: +47 4863 4091

Mobile: +356 7980 0222



Vice President


Chilufa Mwanakatwe

AC Zambia


Phone: +

Mobile: +





Yvonne Houben

AC Belgium


Phone: +

Mobile: +





Tone Skretting

AC Norway


Mobile: +47 915 915 38