22nd Agora Club International Conference

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Welcome to Agora Club International


Agora Club International is a club for women from the age of 42 years (Non Past Circlers), 45 years (Past Circlers), and older with different professions, hobbies and interests.


Agora Club International is a platform where all Past Circlers and other Non Past Circle friends from diverse horisons can meet.


Agora Club International is represented in 19 countries around the world. Agora Club International is working together in respect with Ladies’ Circle, Round Table and 41 Club International.


Our motto:

“Donner et Tolérer” which means “Service and Tolerance” in English.

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Newsletter \\ Issue 3 - 2019

The ACI Conference 2019

Marrakech, Morocco,

3-6th October 2019



Information, programme,

tours and registration:


41 International AGM 2019 Belgium

April 26 - 28th, 2019

Introducing the concept of our ACI Forum.

This initiative will give all our ACI members more involvement in shaping Agora Club International’s future as part of the Round Table Family. The discussions will be an open Forum where ideas on the various items of interest will be shared and put forward to the Councillors during the forthcoming AGM in Marrakech 3-6 October 2019.

It will also be an opportunity to enjoy the social aspect of the side by side with the Round Table Family and meet up some of the friends made in ladies circle who are now Tangent.

We hope that you will join us in this 1st Forum.

ACI Mission

Moldova/Transilvania, Romania,

May 6-9th, 2019

ACI Mission

Bangalore, India,

February 4-7th, 2019

We are very proud and excited to announce our ACI ISP Mission : a wonderfull Side by Side coöperation between Agora Club International and Ladies' Circle India - which will bring the Eyes For The World spectacles to the less priviledged children of Bangalore, India. 


Here you can see pictures and updates on our facebook page.

This is link to ACI - LC India Side by Side Project photo album on facebook:


Charter of AC Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe,

May 16-18th, 2019






The ACI Board together with Agora Zimbabwe in formation would like to advise that the charter weekend has a change of date to 16 to 18 May 2019 and hope that this new date will give you enough time to plan your trip. Get ready to have a great time with us."


Agora Club Zimbabwe is delighted to announce the opening of registration for the March 16th 2019 Charter of the first Agora Club in Zimbabwe. It is a momentous occasion for our club, our country and Agora Club International.


This is the link to their registration form:

Charter of AC Luxembourg


June 15th, 2019

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Newsletter \\ Issue 2 - 2018

Upcoming Charters


AC Zimbabwe

March 15th, 2019


AC Luxembourg

June 15th, 2019

The International Service Project is

"Eyes for the World"


4 Clubs 1 Vision

4 Clubs - 1 Vision has as its goal to enhance the cooperation between Agora Club International, Ladies' Circle Internatonal, 41 International and Round Table International with as objective : recruitment, better understanding and having a international service project together. 4 Clubs 1 vision International encourages the different national boards of the 4 organisations to work together towards these common goals.


Member of the

Round Table Family

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